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BigHat engages with strategic partners to tackle complex protein therapeutic design challenges.

BigHat is committed to creating safe and effective antibodies for patients who need them. We collaborate with biopharma and biotechs at all stages of the discovery and development process, from initial research to clinical development. Our goal is to overcome the challenges of next-generation antibody design and efficiently bring new treatments to patients. We believe that by working together, we can make a real difference in the lives of those who are suffering from serious illnesses.

Strategic Collaboration

We collaborate with leading biopharma companies to explore a wide range of disease areas. These collaborations leverage our partners' deep domain expertise in the therapeutic area and BigHat’s unique capabilities in de novo design and multiparameter optimization of complex antibodies which rapidly advance potential therapies to the clinic together. A truly end-to-end design and development of the next-generation antibody formats for safer and more effective medicines.

High-Quality Antibodies Partnerships

We partner with leading biopharma companies to apply the Milliner platform to existing antibodies and fragments with known therapeutic properties. In these partnership programs, Milliner’s multiparameter optimization capabilities bring the partner’s initial sequences to a truly clinic-ready stage with optimized affinity and desired biophysical properties and thereby offer the potential opportunity for best-in-class products with enhanced clinical safety, efficacy, and tolerability.

Partner with a leader applying AI/ML to antibody therapies


Differentiated end-to-end discovery and development platform that pairs machine learning with a high-speed scaled wet lab


Deep experienced developing antibody therapies from target ID to animal studies and beyond

Nimble & efficient

Nimble and efficient processes, from onboarding to collaborative updates to selecting final sequences


Collaborative team responsive to partner’s key needs and goals

Thought leadership

Work hand-in-hand with leading researchers and practitioners applying AI/ML to drug discovery and development

Proven track record

A track record of successful collaborations and satisfied partners

Example Partnerships

BigHat + Amgen

“Completion of the first stage of Amgen’s research collaboration with BigHat demonstrated the ability of their platform to quickly and significantly optimize next-generation single-domain antibodies, validating the platform as a path to generating target binders with improved properties compared with the original repertoire identified by traditional technologies.”

- Philip Tagari, Former Vice President of Research, Amgen
BigHat + Merck

“This agreement with BigHat expands Merck’s strategy of applying AI/ML across our drug discovery capabilities. We look forward to working with the team to leverage BigHat’s technology and expertise in enabling molecular design of novel biologic candidates.”

- Juan Alvarez, Vice President of Discovery Biologics, Merck


Partner with us

BigHat engages with strategic partners to tackle complex protein therapeutic design challenges.