Our Technology

Integrating computation and experiments to accelerate antibody design + development

BigHat Biosciences is reimagining antibody discovery and engineering to create better antibodies faster and undertake novel designs beyond what’s possible today.

Our technologies

BigHat Biosciences' AI-first antibody design platform integrates a high-speed wet lab with machine learning.

Our proprietary wet lab goes from in silico designs to expressed, purified, and characterized antibodies in days.

We integrate artificial intelligence / machine learning (AI/ML) technologies to create better molecules by guiding and learning from each cycle of the experimental platform.

The BigHat workcell

Each workcell can synthesize, express, purify, and characterize hundreds of antibodies in days.

Every antibody gets a comprehensive characterization, from biophysics to function, all on premise at BigHat's facilities.

AI/ML technologies

BigHat's AI/ML systems guide each experiment to design therapeutic-grade antibodies.

Our AI/ML models learn how mutations affect an antibody's molecular properties, for every property measured by the BigHat workcell.

Active learning closes the loop on BigHat's platform. Each workcell cycle informs the next, charting a course to rare high-quality molecules hidden in a combinatorial sea of possibilities.

AI-powered antibody design

BigHat's AI-guided experimental platform powers our unique approach to multi-objective antibody design and engineering.

More than just a prediction: every BigHat molecule made and measured on our platform

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