Software Engineer - Lab Automation

Role Description:

About the Role: We’re seeking an exceptional, self-motivated software engineer with an automation bent to help us design and implement a laboratory device control plane including workflow protocols and data capture. Using agile, cloud-native software design patterns and a DevOps mindset, you’ll collaborate with the science and data teams to advance our efforts to:

  • Create a first-in-class workflow and data control plane for our laboratory devices.
  • Automate laboratory processes with robots to optimize for efficient, reproducible assays and reliable data capture.
  • Make data streaming from our labs as valuable and actionable as possible.
  • Continuously improve the reliability, repeatability, efficiency and visibility of all automatable lab processes. 
  • Continuously increase the scope of our automation and workflow control.
  • Tightly link experimental and machine learning platform components.
  • Nice-to-haves include: Laboratory or sensor-based devices background; experience with: Python 3, RESTful API design, AWS, RDBMS such as PostgreSQL, PyTorch or other AI/ML software or GPU programming.

Compensation will include a competitive pay package, benefits, and equity commensurate with being an early employee at a growth-oriented startup. Job title and compensation will be set based on experience, so we encourage applicants with a diverse range of experiences to apply.

About You: You have a stellar track record in both design and execution in prior engineering roles and 5+ years of hands-on software programming experience. You can communicate with engineers and non-engineers effectively and synthesize requirements and needs between lab scientists, data scientists and engineers. You thrive in a fast-paced environment helping to launch, operate and grow a high-potential startup. If you love tinkering, optimizing and diving headfirst into diverse, highly technical projects then BigHat could be the right home for you. 

Please reach out to to start a conversation about this role.